Seminar Program 2009

  • 4.2. General discussion
  • 11.2. Videon Täydellisen elämän yhtälö katsominen
  • 12.2. Kaisa Miettinen Nautilus Method: An Interactive Technique in Multiobjective Optimization Based on the Nadir Point
  • 17.2. Watching video: Randolph Nesse — interview from The Genius of Charles Darwin
  • 19.2. Karthik Sindhya Past and Present Research; Reflections of Hybrid Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
  • 20.2. Antti Tanskanen Optimization in Practice, elämän optimointia tutkimuksen sekatyöläisenä
  • 5.3. Sauli Ruuska Multiobjective Test Problem Family for Bilevel Optimization
  • 25.3. Petri Eskelinen Some Perspectives to Multiobjective Optimization Problems with a Large Number of Objectives
  • 9.4. Jussi Hakanen Comparison of MCDM and EMO Approaches in Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  • 23.4. Johan Henriksson, Bram Van Der Heggen (LMS International, Leuven, Belgium) Introduction to LMS and Optimus Software
  • 30.4. Markus Hartikainen An Approximation Approach for Multiobjective Optimization Problems
  • 18.5. Workshop on Research Plan and Poster Preparation
  • 20.5. Suvi Luoma Some Component Sketches for the Adaptive User Interface Concept for Data Analysis and Multiobjective Optimization,
    Vesa Ojalehto Overview of Development Tools to Support Work in the Optimization Group
  • 25.5. Timo Aittokoski UPS-EMO — An Efficient Evolutionary Method to Approximate the Pareto Optimal Set in Multiobjective Optimization
  • 1.-2.6. Noon-to-noon Seminar (Photos)
    • Ankur Sinha (Helsinki School of Economics/IIT Kanpur, India) Bilevel Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
    • Akash Agarwal (Åbo Akademi University/IIT Kharagpur, India) Blast Furnace Modeling and Optimization using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
    • Vesa Ojalehto An Outline of NIMBUS-Software
    • Tomi Haanpää An Updated Definition for the Pareto Optimality
    • Shyam Kodali (Helsinki School of Economics/IIT Kanpur, India) Comparing GA with MART to Tomographic Reconstruction of Ultrasound Images with and without Noisy Input Data
    • Karthik Sindhya An improved Concurrent-Hybrid Algorithm for Enhanced Diversity and Accuracy in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
    • Suvi Tarkkanen Some Components for the Adaptive User Interface Concept for Data Analysis and Multiobjective Optimization
  • 11.6. Tomi Haanpää Some Wild Things of Polynomials
  • 4.8. Lorenz Biegler (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) Challenges of Process Modeling and Optimization
  • 24.8. Margaret Wiecek My Recent Developments in Multiobjective Programming with Applications in Engineering Design
  • 31.8. Kerstin Dächert (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany) BMBF-project: Discrete-continuous optimization of complex dynamic systems of water supply and wasterwater management,
    Sauli Ruuska MATLAB Implementation of the Walking Fish Group (WFG) Test Problem Set
  • 7.9. Karthik Sindhya A Hybrid EMO Algorithm with Enhanced Diversity Preservation,
    Petri Eskelinen Uncertainty Through Scenarios in Multiobjective Optimization
  • 14.9. Markus Hartikainen On Approximating a Pareto Front Based on a Representation,
    Tomi Haanpää A Gentle Touch to RBF Models and Applications
  • 28.9. Suvi Tarkkanen Research Overview,
    Vesa Ojalehto Pareto Navigator: Current Implementation Status
  • 5.10. Jussi Hakanen An Introduction to Research After PhD,
    Margaret Wiecek Design Under Uncertainty: Balancing Expected Performance and Risk
  • 26.10. Timo Aittokoski Means to Explore the Set of Nondominated Solutions
  • 2.11. Conference Trip Planning
  • 10.11. Georges Fadel (Clemson University, USA) Optimization and complex systems design — the packaging / layout problem
  • 18.11. Helena Rasku-Puttonen Learning and Knowledge Creation
  • 23.11. Preparation of brochure of the research group
  • 1.12. Murat Köksalan (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) Approximating the Nondominated Set for Multi-criteria Problems
  • 7.12. Ferrante Neri Recent Advances in Differential Evolution
  • 10.12. Timo Laukkanen (Helsinki University of Technology) Modelling, simulation and optimization of energy systems at ENY
  • 15.12. Michael Monz (Fraunhofer-ITWM, Germany) Multi-Criteria IMRT Planning
  • 18.12. Jari Huikari Constraint Handling of Global Solvers in NIMBUS