FiDiPro Project DeCoMo: Decision Support for Complex Multiobjective Optimization Problems

University of Jyväskylä

Industrial Optimization Group

Faculty of Information Technology

P.O. Box 35 (Agora)

FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Contact persons

  • Prof. Kaisa Miettinen
  • Email: kaisa.miettinen[at]
    Ph. no.: +358 50 3732247

  • Prof. Yaochu Jin
  • Email: yaochu.jin[at]
    Ph. no.: +358 40 8053186

  • Dr. Karthik Sindhya
  • Email: karthik.sindhya[at]
    Ph. no.: +358 40 8053303

    How to reach us:

    The street address of Agora is Mattilanniemi 2. Agora is located next to lake Jyväsjärvi not far from the railway and bus station as one can see in the map. On this page you can see the location of Agora next to Rantaväylä.

    Our offices and negotiation room (AgC421.1) are located on the C block of the fourth floor. When you enter through the main entrance, you are in the C block. Prof. Kaisa Miettinen's office is AgC426.4.

    From the railway station:

    By walking: We are located at the Agora building (street address is Mattilanniemi 2), which is a little bit more than a kilometer away from the railway station (known as Matkakeskus). From the railway station, you can walk along the Jyväsjärvi shore. To get to the shore, you have to cross the rails using a pedestrian bridge, which you can find around 100 meters left from the main door of the railway station. After the pedestrian bridge turn right along the shore. The Agora building is the second big white office building.

    By taxi: You can catch a taxi at the railway station. The street address is Mattilanniemi 2 and the building is called Agora.

    Google maps showing our location: Google map

    Note: Parking spaces are available for 2 hours in front of Agora building for visitors.