Academy of Finland Project DESDEO: Decision Support for Computationally Demanding Optimization Problems

DESDEO is a research project focusing on multiobjective optimization where several conflicting objective functions are optimized simultaneously. The project is funded by Academy of Finland (grant number 287496) and lasts for four years (August 2015 - August 2019). The project aims to bring interactive methods closer to researchers and practitioners world-wide, by providing them with implementations of interactive optimization methods. The main results of the DESDEO project are published as an open source optimization framework with implementations of the new methods developed during the project, of implementations of methods developed earlier as well as connections to different simulation and problem modeling tools. The framework consists of reusable components that can be utilized for implementing new methods or modifying existing methods methods. The framework is released under permissive open source license allowing for commercial as well as for academic use.

Main research areas

  • Interactive decision support for complex problems
  • Surrogate assisted multi/many-objective optimization for computationally expensive problems