Multiple criteria decision making in enviromental planning and management problems

Aspects involved
  • Several (political) decision makers involved

  • Discrete alternatives

  • Uncertainty related to problem data

  • Some criteria difficult to measure

  • Possibly ordinal data instead of cardinal data

Examples of application areas
  • Selecting municipal solid waste management systems (criteria include net cost per ton, technical reliability, global effects, local and regional health effects, acidificative releases, surface water dispersed releases, number of employees and amount of recovered waste)

  • Determining the implementation order of a general plan regarding different regional parts in a municipality (criteria include effects on the surrounding environment, urban planning economics, land ownership effects on community structure, effects on human health and living conditions, effects on landscape, effects on the utilization of natural resources and effects on cultural history)

Cooperation with Paavo Ristola Consulting Engineers Ltd., VTT and School of Business and Economics at the University of Jyväskylä