Student Cum Laude Software Project
Autumn 1998

Juan Feng
Miska Sulander
Sami Mikkonen


Event Organizer is a software for arranging scientific conferences and it is developed by Relatech Oy. The goal of the student software project Abstract was to create a web interface for the abstract handling part of the software.

Project Mission and Goals

The abstract reviewing process in academic conferences decides whether the abstract (also referred as proposal) gets accepted to the conference or not. Academic researchers, often located all over the world, sent their proposals to the scientific committee for reviewing. This scientific committee distributes the proposals to reviewers for their verdicts, grades, topic suggestions and remarks. After the reviewers have done their work, the scientific committee will give the final verdict, the grade, the topic classification and remarks. In other words the reviewers will give their opinion how good is the proposal and by using that information scientific committee makes the final decision on whether the abstract will be part of the conference or not.

The goal of the Abstract software project was to built a web interface to this abstract handling.

Tools and Software

The project used the following tools: Oracle development tools, TOAD (Tool for Oracle application design) and SQL*NET for PL/SQL coding, database handling and connection, Oracle SQL server for Windows on Relatech's server and HTML 3.2 standard for web pages.

Project Group, Customer and Instructors

Project group:
Juan Feng
Miska Sulander
Sami Mikkonen

Relatech Oy
Mika Kangasaho
Anu Mitro
Jarkko Happonen

Jukka-Pekka Santanen
Tommi Lahtonen