Guardian Project

Structure of the Software

The software is divided into two separate programs: a server program and a user interface. The server program takes care of all the communication between the software and Chedar nodes. It also manages the data sent from Chedar nodes. The graphical user interface connects to the server program and uses it to carry out the commands entered by the user.

The User Interface

The most important feature of the user interface is to draw the logical topology of the monitored network. From the zoomable topology view the user can select nodes and for example check their values, command queries to be sent and modify the resources owned by the nodes. Information on the last executed query are also shown. Logical tab
Graphs tab Another important feature is to show some graphs on monitoring data. The project has implemented only one actual graph (Neighborhood distribution), but other graphs are relatively easy to be plugged in. Graphs can be zoomed and shown in a logarithmic scale.

The log feature of the user interface allows the user to keep track of the Chedar network's actions almost in real time. Also node management has been implemented as well as the function to execute a command batch file for the system. The user interface can be run online and offline.

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