MoPeDi Project

MoPeDi was a student software project in the Department of Mathematical Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä. The customers of the project were Mobile computing line at the Department of Mathematical Information Technology and Cheese Factory which is a part of InBCT Project in Agora Center.

During autumn 2003 the project implemented a generic middleware component called BlueCheese. BlueCheese is used between different kind of mobile peer-to-peer applications and different kind of transmission medias.

BlueCheese runs in Symbian OS mobile phones, but it doesn't use the GSM technology in the basic data transmissions. In the project, Bluetooth was used as a transmission media. BlueCheese was implemented to Symbian OS using C++ programming language. Two Nokia 3650 phones and one Nokia 7650 phone were used to test the software.

More information on MoPeDi project can be found on the homepages of the project.

The project group consists of
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