3rd International Seminar

Co-organized by University of Jyväskylä, DESIGN and SCOMA projects and CSC - Scientific Computing Ltd., Espoo.

Scientific computing for simulation and design is one of the most powerful technologies for industries and society. So far, most technical designs have been single-disciplineoriented and based on the expertise of the design engineer or researcher. Nowadays, scientific computing is the daily companion of engineers and scientists in the search for innovative solution(s) to a single-discipline problem.

However, the use of numerical and optimization methods for coupled multidisciplinary problems remains an open challenge in many areas including, in particular, telecommunications, aeronautics, electronics, energy, environment and life sciences. Reducing time and the costs of the design while maintaining accuracy and robustness of algorithms is still of primary concern for the designers.

Considering the decreasing cost of computer hardware and the recent efforts achieved in collaborative environments to master human factors in multidisciplinary research and engineering, innovative methods are now being used in multidisciplinary applications.


The goal of this international seminar is to promote and transfer scientific computing knowledge for solving multidisciplinary applications in Europe, and to foster the collaboration between research and application groups involved in multidisciplinary design and simulation.

One of the seminars major concerns is also to alert and educate young scientists and engineers from universities, research laboratories, and industries who are already using numerical methods for simulation and optimization on how to share knowledge via collaborative teams for the improvement of numerical multidisciplinary technologies.

This seminar supports these important objectives. The scope of the seminar is not limited to industrial applications but deals also with other societal and economical areas, such as life sciences, environmental problems, energy, economics and finances.

MATERIAL: Announce of the seminar

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