Wednesday, June 28

Mattilanniemi campus, Entrance hall of MaA building
12.00-13.30Plenary Session 1 (Chair: P. Neittaanmäki)
Room MaA 102
J.-L. Lions, "Domain decomposition methods and evolution equations"
R. Glowinski, "On a wave-like equation for incompressible viscous flow in 3D: applications"
13.30-14.00Coffee Break
14.00-15.30Session 2 (Chair: M. Krizek)
Room MaA 102
A. Zenisek, "Finite element approximation of the Hermite type on triangles and tetrahedrons"
T. Apel, "Error estimates for finite element methods with anisotropic meshes"
J. Schöberl, "Multigrid methods for anisotropic edge refinement"
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-18.00 Session 3A (Chair: T. Apel)
Room MaA 102
Session 3B (Chair: Z. Dostal)
Room MaA 211
Misisymposium: Grid Generation

K. Sorli, "Integration of CAD and FEM for three-dimensional problems using splines and object-oriented programming"
M. Cundev, "From macroelements to finite elements in 3D-FEM modelling"
S. Korotov, "Acute type refinements of Tetrahedral partitions of polyhedral domains"
B. Erdmann, "Adaptive linearly-implicit methods for instationary nonlinear problems"
E. V. Chizhonkov, "The limit convergence factor of the preconditioned Arrow-Hurwicz algorithm for saddle point problems"
A. S. Kravchuk, "Some problems of the impedance - computed tomography: Realisations and foundations"

Thursday, June 29

9.00-10.30Plenary Session 4 (Chair: P. Neittaanmäki)
Room MaA 102
O. Pironneau, "A user friendly language driven partial differential solver in 3D"
Yu. Kuznetsov, "New efficient solvers and Lagrange multipliers"
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30Session 5 (Chair: F. Schieweck)
Room MaA 102
M. Stynes, "Quasioptimality of the streamline diffusion finite element method in 3d"
A. Zhou, "Multi-parameter finite elements and their applications to three-dimensional problems"
T. Linss, "Superconvergence and gradient recovery for singularly perturbed problems"
12.30-14.00Lunch break
14.00-15.30Session 6A (Chair: M. Stynes)
Room MaA 102
Session 6B (Chair: R. Mäkinen)
Room MaA 211
F. Schieweck, "Mathematical concepts in an object-oriented FEM-package"
J. Felcman, "On a 3D adaption for compressible flow"
D. Hömberg, "New developments in the simulation of surface heat treatments"
N. Banichuk, "FEM for modelling of contact interaction"
D. Tiba, "On Lipschitzian arches"
H. Champliaud, "Optimal thickness of crowning sealing caps"
15.30-16.00Coffee break
16.00-17.30Session 7A (Chair: T. Rossi)
Room MaA 102
Session 7B (Chair: J. Järvinen)
Room MaA 211
L. Beilina, "A hybrid method for the wave equation"
L. Petkovska, "3D finite element method applied to the electric machines analysis"
A. Bespalov, "Numerical simulation of electromagnetic geophysical tools"
Minisymposium: Multiphysics Modeling and Computing

L. Formaggia, "Fluid-structure interaction problems in hemodynamics"
V. Savolainen, "A stabilized finite element analysis for three-dimensional Czochralski silicon melt flow"
M. Lyly, "On the finite element solution of coupled vibroacoustic problem"

Friday, June 30

9.00-10.30Plenary Session 8 (Chair: O. Pironneau)
Room MaA 102
P. Devloo, "On the mathematical formulation and object oriented implementation of 3D h-p adaptive finite elements"
J. Periaux, "New evolutionary algorithms for 3-D nozzle reconstruction problems using variable fidelity FEM/CDF models"
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.30Session 9 (Chair: J. Brandts)
Room MaA 102
C. Pflaum, "Semi-unstructured grids in 3D"
M. Walkley, "Mesh quality for three-dimensional finite element solutions on anisotropic meshes"
G. Dasgupta, "Concave Maxillo-Facial element for surgery"
12.30-14.00Lunch break
14.00-15.30Session 10A (Chair: J. Felcman)
Room MaA 102
Session 10B (Chair: S. Korotov)
Room MaA 211
Z. Dostal, "FETI domain decomposition with adaptive natural coarse grid preconditioning for contact 3D problems"
S. Repin, "Duality a posteriori error estimates for 2-D models for 3-D elasto-plastic bodies"
T. Knopp, "Simulation of indoor air movement using stabilized finite element methods"
M. Petzolt, "Singularities of interface problems and their treatment with a posteriori error estimators"
V.V. Saurin, "Finite-Element Method with Continuous Interelement Derivatives"
G. Kostin, "Application FEM and Ritz Method with Smooth Approximation for the Membrane Eigenvalue Problem"
15.30-16.00Coffee break
16.00-17.30Session 11A (Chair: C. Pflaum)
Room MaA 102
Session 11B (Chair: H. Kawarada)
Room MaA 211
Session 11C (Chair: P. Neittaanmäki)
Room MaA 210
D. Stefanica, "A numerical study of the FETI method for mortar finite elements"
S. Petrova, "Nonconforming streamline-diffusion finite element method for 3D convection-diffusion problems using multigrid discretizations"
I. Farago, "Nonnegativity preservation property of the numerical solution to the heat equation in 3D"
M. Tabata, "3D finite element method for earth's mantle convection problems"
J. Pieskä, "Splitting iterative method for solving the 3D multi-phase diffusion convection equation"
E. Heikkola, "Parallel fictitious domain method for the 3D Helmholtz equation"
G. Dasgupta, "Concave finite elements" Tutorial (60 min)
18.30-Sauna party

Saturday, July 1

9.00-10.30Session 12 (Chair: A. Zenisek)
Room MaA 102
H. Kawarada, "Multi-phase flow simulation"
P. Burda, "A posteriori error estimates for the Stokes flow in 2D and 3D domains"
J. Novotny, "Numerical solution of fluid-structure interaction by FEM"
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.00Session 13 (Chair: A. Zhou)
Room MaA 102
J. Brandts, "Superconvergence in finite element methods for three-dimensional problems"
M. Krizek, "On harmonic and biharmonic finite elements"