This workshop is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Jacques Periaux, who has done long and successful career in the field of numerical methods and design. His research includes, for example, numerical solution of non-linear partial differential equations in computational fluid dynamics and electromagnetics, aerodynamic design of manned/unmanned aircraft vehicles, multidisciplinary design optimization, evolutionary algorithms, and game theory.

Engineering and financial industries rely heavily on simulations and optimize their design accordingly. This workshop will bring together several of the world leading specialists for the numerical solution of partial differential equations and for optimization methods on distributed systems. The conference will cover themes like, genetic and evolutionary computing, model reduction, POD, mesh refinement and adaptively and computation oriented implementations. Presentations will include industrial examples and give some feedback on the difficulties and success encountered.

This conference is held right before the workshop honoring the 75th anniversary of Prof. Roland Glowinski. The workshop site can be found here.

Note that the information of participants will be entered into the ESF database (participants will also receive an automatic notification from ESF). Further information on the ways in which such information will be used by ESF can be found here.

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