This workshop will honor the 75th anniversary of Prof. Roland Glowinski (University of Houston, French Academy of Sciences and Honorary Prof. of the University of Jyväskylä), one of the internationally recognized experts in scientific computing.

The workshop will gather colleagues, collaborators and friends from academy and industry of Finland and other countries. The scope of this event is on topics in which Roland Glowinski has worked throughout his career, such as mathematical modeling and simulation, numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computational mechanics, optimization and controllability of systems and their applications.

This conference is held right after the workshop honoring the 70th anniversary of Prof. Jacques Periaux. The workshop site can be found here.

Note that the information of participants will be entered into the ESF database (participants will also receive an automatic notification from ESF). Further information on the ways in which such information will be used by ESF can be found here.

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