We invite you to take part in the CMAM-7 conference as an organizer of a mini-symposium related to your main scientific interests. The conference registration fee will be waived for an individual who organises a mini-symposium with at least 5 speakers (for multiple organisers of a single mini-symposium, only one registration fee will be waived).

Suggestions for minisymposia (MS) should be sent to the email to (Svetlana Matculevich or Kati Valpe).

Planned minisymposia:

MS 1: Numerical Methods for Fractional Order PDEs.
Organized by Prof. Petr Vabishchevich (Nuclear Safety Institute of RAS, Moscow) and Prof. Raytcho Lazarov (Texas A&M University).

MS 2: Reliable Computational Methods.
Organized by Prof. Sergey Repin (V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg) and Prof. Neittaanmäki (University of Jyväskylä).

MS 3: Galerkin Methods for Nonlinear Problems.
Organized by Dr. Omar Lakkis (University of Sussex).

MS 4: Error analysis and computational aspects of PDE eigenvalue problems.
Organized by Prof. Daniele Boffi (Università di Pavia).

MS 5: Tensor numerical approximation of multi-dimensional functions, operators and PDEs.
Organized by Prof. Boris Khoromskij (MPI MIS, Leipzig) and Prof. Martin Stoll (MPI DCTS, Magdeburg).

MS 6: Recent developments on computational electromagnetism and related applications.
Organized by Prof. Dirk Pauly (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) and Prof. Jun Zou (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

The mini-symposium intends to bring together experts working on computational electromagnetism and related topics as well as their applications to exchange recent developments and new challenges in this fascinating field.

MS 7: Numerical methods for time-dependent transportation and optimal control problems.
Organized by Dr. Monika Wolfmayr (RICAM, Linz).