FiDiPro professorship @ The Industrial Optimization Group

  • The Industrial Optimization Group is happy to host FiDiPro Professor Yaochu Jin, Chair in Computational Intelligence, Department of Computing, University of Surrey, UK. The FiDiPro professorship is funded by Tekes, Outotec, Fingrid and the University of Jyväskylä and the FiDiPro project is titled "Decision Support for Complex Multiobjective Optimization Problems (DeCoMo)". This project is run for 3 years starting from 01.01.2015. It involves also FIMECC, Fortum Power and Heat, Simosol, Valmet Power, Valtra and Honda Research Institute Europe.

    FiDiPro Professor Yaochu Jin is a world-leading researcher in surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimization as well as multiobjective optimization. He has rich expertise in learning systems, in particular in integrating evolution and learning. Additionally, he has long experience working with the Honda Research Institute, where he worked on various real-world aerodynamic optimization problems.

    In DeCoMo, the expertise of Prof. Jin and that of the Industrial Optimization group in interactive multiobjective optimization complement each other and together we develop novel optimization methods for decision support in solving complex multiobjective optimization problems by combining modern meta-heuristics and machine learning techniques. The output of this project will be a prototype of an intelligent decision support tool that can make advanced multiobjective optimization methods available for industry, thereby significantly enhancing the innovation capability and competitiveness of the Finnish industries.

    The principal investigator for DeCoMo is Professor Kaisa Miettinen and the project contact persons are Dr. Karthik Sindhya and Dr. Tinkle Chugh.

  • Further information on project website DeCoMO