Seminar Program 2019

Until otherwise indicated, all seminars take place in Ag C421.1 on Wednesdays at 10:15 am
  • 22.04: Babooshka Shavazipour: To be decided
  • 29.04: Pouya Aghaei Pour: To be decided
  • 06.05: Optimization group: Researcher's night event discussion
  • 13.05: Open: To be decided
  • 20.05: Open: To be decided
  • 27.05: Open: To be decided
  • 03.06: Open: To be decided
  • 10.06: Open: To be decided

  • 22.01: Bhupinder Saini: O-NAUTILUS: Algorithm Discussion
  • 29.01: Adhe Kania: Interactive Multiobjective Optimization in Lot Sizing with Uncertainty in Demand
  • 05.02: No Seminar
  • 06.02: Kaisa Miettinen: Selected topics in doctoral studies and interations in RVEA.
  • 12.02: Opt Group Meeting: Student event discussion
  • 19.02: Jussi Hakanen: Visualization
  • 26.02: Mirka Saarela: Can we automate journal ranking? Analysis of the JuFo system
  • 04.03: Vihola Matti: Particle filters for Bayesian inference of dynamic models
  • 11.03: Otto Pulkkinen (Univ. of Helsinki and Tampere Univ.): Finding cancer-selective combination therapies by multiobjective optimization
  • 18.03: POSTPONED Dave Sayers: How language technology will break linguistics (and some thoughts about fixing it)
  • 25.03: Giovanni Misitano: Belief-rule based systems: Can they be used to learn a decision maker's preferences for a multi-objective optimization problem?
  • 01.04: Atanu Mazumdar: An Interactive Offline Data-Driven Multi-Objective Optimization Framework
  • 08.04: Bhupinder Singh Saini: A New Paradigm in Preference Based Multiobjective Optimization
  • 15.04: Bekir Afsar: A generic multi-agent architecture for data-driven interactive multiobjective optimization methods