Seminar Program 2023

Until otherwise indicated, all seminars take place in Ag C421.1 and virtually on Zoom on Wednesdays at 10:15 am
  • 13.09: Multiobjective optimization group meeting
  • 20.09: Juuso Paajasmaa (Practice talk for the FORS50 conference) and Abderisak Adam (Using AI for Researchers in Finland)
  • 17.05: Topic to be decided
  • 24.05: Adhe Kania: Introductory lecture practice talk

  • 11.01: Multiobjective optimization group meeting: Recent frameworks proposed by the team members
  • 18.01: Iryna Yevseyeva (De Montfort University, School of Computer Science and Informatics, UK): Cyber security investment trade-offs
  • 25.01: Multiobjective optimization group meeting: Paper writing workshop
  • 01.02: Adhe Kania: Topic to be decided
  • 08.02: Jyrki Wallenius (Aalto University School of Business): Implications of World Mega Trends for MCDM Research and Behavioral Issues in MCDM
  • 15.02: Bhupinder Saini: Testing GDM-NAUTILUS UI and concept
  • 22.02: Risto Heikkinen: The Optimizer's Curse: One Explanation for the Disappointing Performance of an Optimized Selection
  • 01.03: Multiobjective optimization group meeting: Topics for interaction design course
  • 08.03: Bekir Afsar and Giomara Larraga: EMO conference practice talks
  • 15.03: Pouya Aghaei Pour: Farewell talk and Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting: DESDEO23 Forum details discussion
  • 22.03: Giovanni Misitano: Invited talk
  • 29.03: Johanna: Topic to be decided
  • 05.04: Prof. Teiko Heinosaari: Optimization in quantum information theory
  • 12.04: Kash Barker (School of Industrial and Systems Engineering University of Oklahoma, USA): Two-Stage Stochastic Program for Environmental Refugee Displacement Planning
  • 19.04: Ana Belen Ruiz (Department of Applied Economics (Mathematics), University of Málaga, Spain): Different Applications of Multiobjective Optimization Approaches
  • 26.04: Bhupinder Saini: Experimentation with new tools and updates on new IOPIS ideas
  • 03.05: Multiobjective optimization group meeting
  • 10.05: Multiobjective optimization group meeting
  • 17.05: Dr. Otto Pulkkinen (Medical Immuno-Oncology Research Group (MIORG), University of Turku): Improving Selectivity of Combinatorial Anti-Cancer Therapies by Preclinical Multiobjective Optimization
  • 24.05: Adhe Kania: Introductory lecture practice talk
  • 31.05: Théo Hermegil: Experience working with the Multiobjective optimization group
  • 14.06: Dr. Dmitry Podkopaev (Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland): Value function as a model for multiobjective preferences
  • 28.06: Bhupinder Saini: Practice talk for the GECCO 2023 conference
  • 16.08: Giovanni Misitano: Practice talk for a conference
  • 23.08: Multiobjective Optimization Group: Multiple practice talk for the IBFRA 2023 conference
  • 30.08: Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting
  • 06.09: Assoc. Prof. Hemant Kumar Singh (University of New South Wales, Australia): Recent advancements in evolutionary multi-objective optimization