Seminar Program 2019

Until otherwise indicated, all seminars take place in Ag C421.1 on Wednesdays at 10:15 am
  • 09.01: Mona Salarifar: Connection between neural science and optimization
  • 16.01: DEMO Group: DEMO report discussion
  • 23.01: DEMO Seminar with forest researchers at 1:15 pm
  • 06.02: Kaisa Miettinen: Selected topics in doctoral studies and interations in RVEA.
  • 13.02: DEMO Seminar with forest researchers. Presenter to be decided. Topic to be decided
  • 20.02: Babooshka Shavazipour: Sustainable planning in Sugar and Bioethanol Supply Chain under Deep Uncertainty
  • 27.02: Atanu Mazumdar: On using uncertaininty information from kriging models to get better results.
  • 06.03: Pouya Aghaei Pour: On Challenges in dealing with an industrial project using interactive and non-interactive RVEA and K-RVEA
  • 13.03: Mohsen: On Focused E-Nautilus
  • 26.03: 14:15 to 16:00- DEMO meeting for discussion of ideas suggested during the planning session.
  • 27.03: DEMO Seminar with forest researchers.
  • 03.04: Richard Andrášik: Road network vulnerability and recovery process after disasters
  • 10.04: Jussi Hakanen: On Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • 17.04: Juha Karvanen: Casual inference and decision making
  • 24.04: Bekir: Challenges in Comparing Interactive Multiobjective Optimization Methods
  • 25.04, 9 am to 12 noon: Tinkle Chugh (University of Exeter, UK): A multiobjective optimization approach in building Gaussian process models and A study on using different scalarizing functions in Bayesian multiobjective optimization
  • 29.04 14:15 to 16:00: Bhupinder Singh Saini: How I code- My experiences and experiments with python coding at JYU
  • 01.05: No Seminar
  • 08.05: Pouya Aghaei Pour: New optimization group website design and the art of note-taking