Seminar Program 2022

Until otherwise indicated, all seminars take place in Ag C421.1 and virtually on Zoom on Wednesdays at 10:15 am
  • 15.06: Risto Heikkinen, Giomara Larraga, and Jana Burkotova: Conference practice talks - "Multi-objective Leverage Optimization Method with Bayesian Stock Price Predictions" by Risto
  • 16.06: Bekir Afsar, Giomara Larraga, and Atanu Mazumdar: Conference Practice talks
  • 22.06: Bekir Afsar and Babooshka Shavazipour: Conference Practice talks
  • 31.08: Dr Magda Osman, Queen Mary University of London (UK): Topic to be decided.

  • 19.01: Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting
  • 26.01: Skogforsk: Meeting with Swedish forest researchers
  • 02.02: Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting
  • 09.02: Kaisa Miettinen: Some Challenges of Interactive Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Methods (Recorded talk)
  • 16.02: Jussi Hakanen: Farewell talk
  • 23.02: DEMO status meeting
  • 02.03: Multiobjective Optimization Group Meeting
  • 09.03: Multiobjective Optimization Group Meeting: Johanna's MultiDM ideas
  • 16.03: Pouya Aghaei Pour: Assessment of Interactive Methods
  • 23.03: Babooshka Shavazipour: Anti-fragile conceptualization in model-based decision-making
  • 30.03: Atanu Mazumdar: Reference vector adaptation using probability density functions
  • 06.04: Jana Burkotova: Experience of working with the Multiobjective Optimization Group
  • 13.04: Bhupinder Saini: DESDEO tutorial: How to use evolutionary method in desdeo-emo
  • 20.04: Giovanni Misitano: To be decided
  • 27.04: Dr. Sam MosalaeiPour (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences): A Robust Expert Decision Support System for Location Analysis in Facility and Real Estate Management, a case of Investor-Developer-User organization.
  • 04.05: Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting: Introducing Matti Viitanen, our summer trainee
  • 11.05: Multiobjective Optimization Group meeting: Tentative- Discussion with faculty‚Äôs communications specialist Teemu Rahikka
  • 18.05: Multiobjective Optimization Group Meeting: "Well-being" discussion and Atanu's practice talk (tentative)
  • 24.05 (Tuesday): Eero Lantto: Safety management and multiobjective optimization
  • 25.05: Dr. Judit Lienert (Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology): Learning from complex environmental real-world decisions for improving MCDA methods and advancing behavioral operational research
  • 01.06: Bekir Afsar: Multi-agent systems and their potential use in interactive multiobjective optimization
  • 08.06: Giovanni Misitano and Pouya Aghaei Pour: Conference Practice talks