The SCOMA Centre is a Finnish – and European – initiative to promote and facilitate innovative international multi-disciplinary research and technologies with an immediate impact upon society and industry.

This centre is a gateway between multidisciplinary technologies and the future knowledge society, facilitated by the unique position of the University of Jyvaskylä. It intertwines mathe-matical information technologies with human behavorial and societal research groups at the university, and through partner-ships with small and large industries.

The major aims of SCOMA are
to launch an International Center for scientific computing and optimization, combining multi- and interdisciplinary applications in industry, economics and finances;
- to link with worldwide scientific computing centres and to collaborate with small and large industries on R&D and societal projects;
- to develop multidisciplinary methods and tools and to transfer and share knowledge with small and large industries;
- to bring together distinguished scientists from academia, executive technologists from small and large industries and strategic vision managers, decision makers from governmental European/Finnish institutions to discuss roadmaps to master multi- and interdisciplinary applications in industry, society, economics and finances;
- to establish a collaborative networked platform for engineers and researchers involved in the field of multidisciplinary scientific computing and looking for innovative design solutions.

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