• Special Issue

    We would like to draw your attention to the Special Issue of the conference topic area in the Remote Sensing. Enhanced and extended conference papers are granted a 20% reduction in the publication fees.

    The main ambition of this Special Issue is to promote discussion on new developments in the field of combined use of spectral and 3D remote sensing technologies, comprising sensing technologies, thematic information extraction, and geospatial solutions. It aims at bringing together research presented in the first ISPRS SPEC3D workshop "Frontiers in Spectral imaging and 3D Technologies for Geospatial Solutions" organized in Finland in 25–27 October, 2017, as well as high quality scientific contributions from the global research community. Researchers and experts are kindly encouraged to submit innovative papers related to integrated use of spectral and 3D technologies, focused on, but not limited to, the following topics:

    1. New aspects of sensors, systems and calibration: 3D spectral information capture using spectral imaging, LIDAR, micro-LIDAR and -RADAR, low-cost 3D and spectral sensors, emerging platforms (aerial, UAV, robotic, mobile, portable, etc.), and geometric and radiometric sensor and system integration and calibration.

    2. Processing and interpretation requirements for novel spectroscopic and 3D data, including georeferencing, radiometric calibration, multisource data fusion, video data analysis, time-series and change detection, context awareness, big data, and crowd sourcing, as well as aspects of automation, fast response and real-time processing.

    3. Geospatial solutions utilizing the new sensors and data in indoor and outdoor applications, such as mapping and monitoring in natural and built environments, forestry and agriculture, biodiversity, industrial and civil applications, robotics, and virtual and augmented reality.

    More information at: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing/special_issues/SPEC3D_RS

    More information spec3D@jyu.fi