Short Course Program

May 30 - June 3, 1999

Sunday, May 30
9.00-11.00   Registration in the halls of hotels Alba and Jyväshovi
12.00 - 17.00  Get-together boat cruise on m/s Suometar
from the harbour of Jyväskylä (Lutakko) to Savutuvan Apaja
(registration on board, lunch at the destination)

Monday, May 31 - Location: MaA102
8.30  Registration and delivery of material
9.30-10.20  First tutorial session, chair P. Neittaanmäki
9.30  Boris Naujoks (Germany)
Evolutionary Algorithms: Theory and Algorithms
10.20  Coffee/tea
10.50-12.30  Second tutorial session, chair J. Haataja
10.50  Kalyanmoy Deb (India)
Real-Parameter Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Design
11.40  Jacques Périaux (France)
Genetic Algorithms and Game Theory Tools for Solving Multi Criteria Optimization CFD/CEM Problems
12.30  Lunch
14.00  Opening, A. Sallinen (rector of the University of Jyväskylä), J. Périaux (Coordinator of INGENET), chair P. Neittaanmäki
14.30-15.20  First invited session, chairs P. Neittaanmäki and K. Miettinen
14.30  Juha Haataja (Finland)
Using Genetic Algorithms for Optimization: Technology Transfer in Action
15.20  Coffee/tea
15.50-17.30  Second invited session, chair E. Lutton
15.50  David B. Fogel (USA)
An Introduction to Evolutionary Computation and Some Applications
16.40  Kenneth A. De Jong (USA)
Evolutionary Computation: Recent Developments and Open Issues
20.00 - 21.30 Reception, Jyväskylä Art Museum (Kauppakatu 23)
hosted by the city of Jyväskylä

Tuesday, June 1 - Location: MaA102
8.30-10.10  Third invited session, chair M. Dorigo
8.30  David B. Fogel (USA)
Some Recent Important Foundational Results in Evolutionary Computation
9.20  John Koza (USA)
Genetic Programming: Turing's Third Way to Achieve Machine Intelligence
10.10  Coffee/tea
10.40-12.20  Fourth invited session, chair D.B. Fogel
10.40  John Koza (USA)
Automatic Synthesis of the Topology and Sizing for Analog Electrical Circuits using Genetic Programming
11.30  Zbigniew Michalewicz (USA)
Evolutionary Algorithms for Engineering Applications
12.30  Lunch
14.00-15.40  Fifth invited session, chair K.A. De Jong
14.00  Colin Reeves (UK)
Embedded Path Tracing and Neighbourhood Search Techniques
14.50  Marco Tomassini (Switzerland)
Parallel and Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms
15.40  Coffee/tea
  Parallel contributed sessions
Location: MaA 102 Location: MaA 211
16.10-17.10  Aeronautical applications,
chair S. Dulikravich
chair H. Luchian
16.10  A. Giotis: Single- and Multi-Objective Airfoil Design Using Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence O. Kämäräinen: A Generalized Resource Constrained Production Scheduling Problem: An Evolutionary Algorithm Approach
16.30  D. Quagliarella: Designing High-Lift Airfoils Using Genetic Algorithms J.-P. Vacher: An Agent Based Architecture for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem Using the Spirit of Genetic Algorithm
16.50  S. Peigin Cancelled J.-P. Vacher: A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm in Job-Shop Scheduling Problem to Refine an Agents' Architecture
17.10 Short break Short break
17.20-18.20  Applications, chair M. Tomassini  Methodology, chair C. Reeves
17.20  D. Howard: Evolving Object Detectors for Infrared Imagery: A Comparison of Textural Analysis Against Simple Statistics H. Kawarada: Hybridized Fuzzy and GAs Distributed Optimization Method
17.40  M. Delfanti: An Application of Genetic Algorithms to Reactive Power Compensation in Electrical Transmission Systems H. Suito: Application of Multi-Start Fuzzy Optimization Method to Shape Optimization Problems
18.00  R. Bussola: Parametrical Identification for a Complex Mathematical Model of Indexing CAM Mechanisms by Means of a Genetic Algorithm E. Zaitseva: Genetic Algorithms to Minimize a Multi-Valued Logic Function Represented by Arithmetical Polynomial Forms

Wednesday, June 2 - Location: MaA102
8.30-10.10  Sixth invited session, chair B. Naujoks
8.30  Kalyanmoy Deb (India)
Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization
9.20  Marco Dorigo (Belgium)
Ant Colony Optimization
10.10  Coffee/tea
10.40-12.20  Seventh invited session, chair Z. Michalewicz
10.40  George S. Dulikravich (USA)
Multidisciplinary Hybrid Constrained GA Optimization
11.30  Marek Rudnicki (Poland)
Genetic Algorithm as a Tool for Solving Electrical Engineering Problems
12.30  Lunch
  Parallel contributed sessions
Location: MaA102 Location: MaA211
14.00-15.20  Methodology,
chair K.C. Giannakoglou
Sectors of applications,
chair J.P. Hämäläinen
14.00  T. Tyni: Improving the Performance of Genetic Algorithms with a Gene Bank P.J. Schubert: Automated Feature Extraction for Linear Pattern Recognition
14.20  A.M. Akopyan: Genetic Algorithm with Non-Uniform Genetic Operators A. Marino: Improving Graph Colouring with Linear Programming and Genetic Algorithms
14.40  J. Mäkinen: Some Penalty Methods with Genetic Algorithms D. Grundler: Decision Table Tuning Using a Genetic Algorithm
15.00  G. Winter: Alternative Strategies to Solution the Problem of Classification and to Design Genetic Operators J. Homberger: A Parallel Hybrid Evolutionary Metaheuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
15.20 Coffee/tea Coffee/tea
15.50-16.50  Applications,
chair J.A. Montiel-Nelson
Versatile developments,
chair M. Mäkelä
15.50  R. Furlanetto: Heat Exchanger Networks (HENs) Design: Topology Optimization E. Blanco-Martin Cancelled
16.10  V. Levashenko: A Genetic Algorithm for Test Pattern Generation of MVL Circuits M. Farina: Multicriteria Optimization of Air-Cored Solenoids with Multiple Windings
16.30  Jacques Périaux: Coupling Hierarchical Games with Genetic Algorithms for the Solution of Mono and Bistatic Backscattering Minimization Problemsa M. O'Neill: Automatic Generation of Caching Algorithms
19.00 - 22.30 Banquet, Restaurant Priimus (Taulumäentie 45)
hosted by EUROGEN99

Thursday, June 3 - Location: MaA102
8.30-10.10  Eighth invited session, chair M. Rudnicki
8.30  Miguel Cerrolaza (Venezuela)
Genetic Algorithms in Shape Optimization: Finite and Boundary Element Applications
9.20  Evelyne Lutton (France)
Genetic Algorithms and Fractals
10.10  Coffee/tea
10.40-11.30  Ninth invited session, chair M. Cerrolaza
10.40  Henri Luchian (Romania)
Three Evolutionary Approaches to Clustering
11.30  Short break
11.40-12.25  First industrial session, chair D. Knörzer
11.40  J. Périaux
Introduction to INGENET
12.10  T. Bäck, W. Haase (ICD-DASA)
Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Academic and Industrial Test Cases
12.25  G. Efthimeros (University of Patras-Dornier)
Optimization of an Active Noise Control System inside an Aircraft, Based on the Simultaneous Optimal Positioning of Microphones and Speakers, with the Use of a Genetic Algorithm
12.40  K.C. Giannakoglou (NTUA-Dassault Aviation)
Efficient Partitioning Methods for 3-D Unstructured Grids Using Genetic Algorithms
12.30  Lunch
14.00  Presentation of DECISION IT Project, Z. Maany (NAG)
14.20-15.25  Second industrial session, chair J. Périaux
14.20  J.P. Hämäläinen (Valmet-University of Jyväskylä)
Genetic Algorithms in Shape Optimization of a Paper Machine Headbox
14.35  N. Marco (INRIA-Dassault Aviation)
A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization in Computational Fluid Dynamics
14.50  C. Poloni (University of Trieste -Engin Soft Trading Srl)
Application of a Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm and a Neural Network to the Optimisation of Foundry Processes
15.20  M. Cruz (UNELCO-CEANI)
Generator Scheduling in Power Systems by Genetic Algorithm and Expert System
J.A. Montiel-Nelson (CMA-CEANI)
Circuit Partitioning Using Evolution Algorithms
15.55  Closing, P. Neittaanmäki
16.00  Coffee/tea
16.15-19.15  INGENET M18 Midterm meeting (Part 2: INGENET Activities 1998-1999) for INGENET members only, chair J. Périaux
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